MONS 2015

Illustrated letter for 'Lettres Intérieures', 
organized by European Cultural Capital City of 2015, MONS in Belgium.

From each European country 2 illustrators were selected 
to exchange information about their country 
with a schoolchild in Mons 
by way of an illustrated correspondence.

And so it happened that on a cold February morning 
I received not one but three very enthousiastic letters, 
written and drawn by Elisa, Donatienne and Mégane (7-9 years old) from Mons, 
asking me everything about The Netherlands. 
Here's my answer to them, portraying some Dutch highlights.

The 'Lettres Intérieures' project will be exhibited and published 
during the MONS European Capital City 2015 celebrations in october.
More info on: www.mons2015.eu

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